Lisbon by night Restaurant - Bairro Alto - English - Menu



Mixed fried regional sausages
Traditional cod fish cakes with greens
Goat's cheese in puff pastry served with pumpkin jam
Octopus carpaccio with orange peppers vinaigrette
Breaded cod tongues with tartar sauce and mixed lettuces
Sea scallops with velvet of Portuguese sparkling wine and apple
Sautéed octopus with clams in olive oil
Cured "Pata Negra" ham
Sautéed shrimps in olive oil and garlic
Clams in a "Bulhão Pato" sauce
Grilled tiger king prawns
Grilled or boiled fresh Portuguese coastal lobster


Vegetable cream soup
Rich fish soup


Portuguese cheese platter


Special fresh cheese with aromatic herbs and garlic
Bread, butter and olives

From Ocean

Loin of fresh tuna sautéed in olive oil, garlic and laurel
Grilled loin of sea bass with clams
Oven-cooked octopus with baked potatoes
Grouper, monkfish and prawn curry on a crown of thai rice
Octopus in red wine Azores style
Breaded and fried fillets of St. Pierre fish with shellfish rice
Loin of sole with clams
Fish and seafood stew in cataplana
Tiger prawns flambéed in whisky served with lobster risotto
Grilled mixed fresh fish (serves min. of 2) OR any fish of the sea
Mixed grilled seafood (lobster, tiger king prawns, scarlet shrimps, clams)

Our Salted Cod

Salted cod à "Brás" (salted cod mixed with fried potato sticks and egg)
Salted cod with cream and spinach
Breaded cod tongues Portuguese style
Oven-cooked salted cod fillet with hot olive oil and baked potatoes
Salted cod filet with cornbread crust and black olives
Cod fish loin house style

Risottos and Fresh Pasta

Tagliatelle with shrimps and clams
Shrimps and green apple risotto
Green asparagus and mushroom risotto
Lobster risotto with caramelized sea scallops

From Earth

Pork with clams "Alentejo" style
Portuguese style chicken rice in red wine sauce
Duck leg comfit with reduced orange and heather honey
Grilled black pork loin with "migas" of potatoes and spinach
Grilled veal sirloin with green asparagus and mushrooms
Grilled veal sirloin served with "migas" of potatoes and spinach
Tenderloin steak with mixed peppers and cognac sauce
Tenderloin steak with mustard sauce
Portuguese-style tenderloin steak fried in butter with garlic and laurel
Grilled leg of baby lamb aromatized with balsamic